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Luxurious ~ Beautiful ~ Pedigreed 

My name is Nina Millman.  My family and I run a small closed Cattery. My specialties are Silvers & Goldens, and Bi-Colors & Calico's.  I also breed THE BLUES: Dilute Calicos, BlueGoldens, & BlueSilvers.  We occasionally have Smokes & recently CHOCOLATE'S!!  Our kittens are loving, trusting, and very cuddly; raised in our hands and in our hearts. Persians are the most loving of breeds. Quiet and calm, with HUGE ROUND eyes, my cats follow me around the house! Persians are the breed to get - if you want a VERY LOVING pet. 
It is easy to see why they are the most popular cat --IN THE WORLD!!
They are Stunningly Beautiful!!

​All of our kittens will make wonderful and loving PETS.  All kittens are handled, loved and played with DAILY!  We pride ourselves on having the BEST SOCIALIZED CATS IN THE WORLD!!  Many of our cats have SHOW POTENTIAL!!   We do sell BREEDERS, to registered CFA Catteries only. Please let me know your intent when you contact me: inquiring for a pet, or show, and/or breed kitten (requiring Full Registration).  

I am very lucky to be working with GRAND Champion, RW, DM, and Champion Lines from Dalee, Stardazl, Kissables, Rhamjoge, Tinjers, and Sharada Persian Catteries. 

All kittens and cats are in the BEST of health, and come with a written ONE YEAR Health Guarantee against genetic defects.  I care very much about each kittens placement. Kittens have their shots, and you will receive a vet release prior to shipping. My kittens are raised in a loving family environment, are handled daily, and unafraid of dogs. They are EXCEPTIONALLY well socialized (to small-medium dog's), weened, and litter box trained…  AgapePersian is a registered CFA cattery. A PKD Negative (per UC Davis genetic testing), FELV, and FIP Negative Cattery.

Agapē : (Greek: αγάπη) is one of several Greek words translated into English as love. 
Extreme & Doll Faced Persians available.  Please take a look at our QUEENS & KINGS page to see our beautiful Foundation Cats.  Health is GUARANTEED.  We are a PKD NEGATIVE cattery. From time to time we do have retired breeders, and young adults that need a loving home, if you prefer a mature cat.